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Benefits Of Betel Leaves

Afternoon friends, this time we will discuss about the usefulness and Benefits Of Betel Leaf in the health field as a natural alternative to drugs that are safe and able to cope with a wide range of chronic diseases even though. The betel leaf is an Indonesia native plant which grows by means of vines and leaning on a pole or other plants. Betel leaf has the benefit that it very much, especially as traditional medicine. In ancient times people also use a betel leaf for nginang  (java) and proved unable to amplify the teeth chewed and mixed with a little more spice.

Betel Leaf Compounds
Betel leaf has compounds as traditional medicine, i.e. as essential oil from the leaves contain oil fly (butylphenol), starch, diastase, sugar and other substances. Betel leaf has substance or compound that has the ability to eradicate germs antifungal and antioxidants.
Do you know, what are the benefits of betel leaf to tackle various diseases? The following are benefits of betel leaves:

1. Treat diarrhea
Diarrhea is a disease where the bitch gets you back and forth to the bathroom for the defecate. And the most appropriate solution, you can take the 6 pieces of betel leaf add 6 grains of pepper and 1 tablespoon of oil, then crushed until everything is smooth and then rub on the stomach.

2. Treating cancer
Cancer is a very dangerous disease, even some people who have contracted the many who died of cancer. But the betel leaf is a safe alternative to prevent or treat by taking a couple of pieces of betel leaves and boil and wait until the water is reduced in ¼ of the stew and mix it with honey and drink 3 times a day.

3. Treating Nosebleeds
The betel leaf is indeed the most efficacious remedy in treating nosebleeds that is by taking the betel leaves are then used to clog up the nose so that his blood didn't come out again.

4. Launch the Pee
The betel leaf could be waging a pee since betel leaves are diuretic. This recipe can use betel leaf is then created and the betel leaf juice mixed with honey and milk and then drink 1 week all.

5. Treat Burns
For the friend variety rather than using chemical-based drugs to treat burns better using the juice of betel leaf and add a bit of honey and paste on the affected part of the wound to heal.

6. Treat Unceration and itching
Ulceration and itching caused by germs and fungi that attach to the surface of the skin due to less maintain the cleanliness of the body, but if it has been exposed then the solution is to take 15 to 20 pieces of betel leaf and then boil with water and use to bath or can be washed on the affected part of ulceration/the hives, use while still warm.

7. Treat the incidence of Acne
Acne is a major problem for teenagers but don't worry because you can take advantage of betel leaf as a natural alternative to traditional medicine by taking 8-10 pieces and wash it clean then squeeze and add warm water and use to wash their faces.

The article this time on the usefulness and the Benefits Of Betel Leaves for health and beauty. May be useful.

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